Erba is an independent womenswear label producing thoughtfully designed garments, hand made in Sydney, Australia.

Our intention is simple: to create timeless, authentic, and season-less garments using sustainable resources, under ethical conditions. With this in mind, we aim to attract women who put a value on considered purchases so that the quality of design in each piece translates into the wearers experience.

 We strive to be transparent in all aspects of our label. Erba garments are made using natural fibre, end of roll materials. Which is essentially high quality fabrics that are left over from designer brands. We either make to order, or work alongside a small run ethical manufacturer in Sydney, Australia. We also use 100% compostable shipping satchels and our shipment methods are 100% carbon neutral! 

We know that curves and shapes change from woman to woman, which is why the fit of our garments are of foremost importance to us. Read more about the fit and sizing of our garments here.


Update in how I am stepping towards creating an even more conscious fashion label:

I want to become an even more sustainable brand and in order to achieve this goal I have decided to put a new system in place. All of my previous styles have been made prior to their release which makes them available on demand. This has its positives and more people are likely to make a purchase knowing that they can have it in their hands within days. Yet with this system, I have been faced with the problem of having excess stock in most styles. In my eyes this is unsustainable and doesn’t adhere to the ethos of my brand or personal values. Where there is excess stock, there is fabric, time, energy, money and resources I could have used on other things rather than having them sit there, in stock, waiting to be purchased. 
From now on every product I release will be done so on a pre-order basis. This allows me to produce sizes and quantities according to the exact pre-orders I have received. As a customer, you are also able to secure your size in the style/s you want without the problem of it selling out. There will be a period of roughly 14-30 days where you are able to place a pre-order. During this period I will offer 20% off as an incentive to purchase it as a pre-made product rather than a ready made product. 
With this new system in place I hope to become an even slower-fashion label and to have little to no excess stock of any item left after production is complete. There is only 20 units available in each new style so I highly recommend placing a pre-order if you wish to secure your size and colour.