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Yến-Nhi Lê - an activist + feminist.

Yến-Nhi Lê is a Vietnamese activist and feminist in progress. She is born and raised in the Netherlands and currently living in Amsterdam. At the start of the year, she made the transformation from pain to purpose by telling her personal story in the “Scars of War” documentary. This documentary, directed by Orihana Calcines, is a story about her own search for identity that starts with the story of her father, a war refugee from the Vietnam war.
Together with 5 partners, she co-founded a new collective, called '
Mãi Mãi Collective' (@maimaicollective) where the aim is to reconnect Vietnamese people with their roots. Within the collective she will be mostly focussing on projects that are community related. Besides, she is both a last year Fashion Management & Textiles student and personal development coach at Amsterdam Fashion Institute.


I gifted Yến-Nhi the Shirt Dress in White Linen earlier this year and here is what she loved about it:

"The feel of the fabric is amazing, I took these few shots on a hot summer day but the linen fabric kept me cool all day long. Besides that, the fit of the dress is perfect for me! It’s feminine but not too tight. Also perfect to wear after you took a dive in the water the cover yourself up a bit. Lastly, I love the fact that it’s a slow-fashion item, knowing that there is a lot of time spent on creating this garment makes me appreciate it even more."


Shop the Shirt Dress here.

Find Yến-Nhi on Instagram here.



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Jun 04, 2021


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Jun 02, 2021

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