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Erin Giugno on why she shops sustainably.

"When I was a little girl, my grandmother would take me along to shop with her at garage sales and local thrift stores. She showed me that I could usually find whatever I wanted or needed second-hand and that it would be better, cooler, more well-made than anything the big-box stores were selling. I learned early on how fulfilling shopping this way can be – from searching for and then finally finding something specific, to giving new life to previously loved objects and usually saving some money along the way; shopping second-hand has become one of my greatest joys. My preference for second-hand also has the advantage of being a more sustainable way to shop which makes me feel that much better about my purchases. 

Beyond loving the patina, materials and craftsmanship that vintage/second-hand brings, I choose vintage over new because it’s true when they say, they just don’t make things like the used to. When I can’t find what I’m looking for second-hand, I turn to brands that I feel aligned with. Usually this means, smaller brands that are owned by women and have sustainability in mind. I especially love seeing when brands like Erba are using deadstock fabric across their collections because these newer pieces carry that same vintage feel that I love when they are made this way."


I gifted Erin the Shift Dress in Black Linen/Viscose a few months ago. Here is what she loves about it: 

"As someone who typically wears long slip dresses with sandals in the summer and big sweaters in the winter, the Erba Shift Dress is such a refreshing addition to my wardrobe because it’s unlike anything I have ever owed before. Every girl needs a Little Black Dress and this one is fun and flirty. When I wear it, I feel feminine and pretty - it’s the type of dress you can throw on for any occasion and feel great. It’s so beautifully made that I know it will be a timeless stable in my wardrobe. It’s a classic."

Shop the Shift Dress here

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